WELCOME TO 29 // "It opens at the close"

In three days I will have been 29 for almost a month now.  It's not 30, it's not 21, it's not 18.  There's nothing particularly special about turning 29 besides the fact that it will officially be my last year as a 20-something.  Another perspective is that Jonathan turned 33 today, happy birthday, Husband!  

Yesterday was a huge day for me as a semi-fresh 29 year old.  I made a HUGE life choice that will affect my future forever, & I couldn't be more happy, excited, pumped, filled with kinetic energy that is just aching to explode.  With this decision I have some big BIG plans, & some major life shifts that will make 29 a pretty epic year.  So, instead of looking back at 28, I've decided to move forward, plan well for now & forever, & to share what's going on.


10/11/14 - Jonathan Yost & I got married.  Yep, that just happened.  My fella because my mister.  

To document this splendid occasion on a perfect Autumnal Saturday in the mountains of Big Bear City, CA, our friend Casey Curry took these amazing photos. (Give his link a look - he's kind of a big deal).




For the longest time I felt like I wasn't going anywhere, fast.  I was in a hurry for life, but didn't know why.  I was stuck in a rut.  But that is the past.  Instead of dwelling, like I have before.  Instead of writing out my concerns, my fears, my thoughts on where this should go - I'm just going to DO.

Nike's got some sense in that one.

Just do it.



It's not that I hate myself when I eat bad foods, it's just that I get highly disappointed.  I'm supposed to be on some super last-month-till-the-wedding-detox or something.  This is what society has taught me, & for some damn reason, I believed them.

In opposition to this ideal, my body has gone on strike - gaining more weight than I ever have before.  I've lost my drive to work out, I've lost my energy.  I always used to work out at least some - at least yoga.  Now I seem to be trying harder than ever to put good food into my gullet, while not moving a damn muscle.

My Pinterest food board, "savory," is loaded with yummy recipes utilizing fresh ingredients.  So why on earth have I not taken advantage of this plethora of knowledge concerning the age-old question, "What's for dinner?"

Is it because I am no longer under the watchful, ever-concerned, never-tactful eyes of my mother?  Is there some part of me that is craving body-freedom?  Some part of me that wants full & complete independence from the hold I have on being "just like my mother."