As we're not the average couple, our honeymoon was far from average.  Besides the fact that I actually conversed with my mom & friends via text on occasion (blasphemy!), we also decided to rent a campervan from Escape Campervans in Los Angeles & trek our way up Highway 1, aka the Pacific Coast Highway, now known as the Pacific Yost Highway - as that's our last name - see what we did there?



Giving thanks is something I try to do every day.  Incorporating gratitude into my daily life is essential for happiness & success.  I find that the more grateful, & the less competitive I am, the more I can be truly happy.  Happiness without being irked by little things like everyday comparisons.

Seeing so many people travel so often sometimes leads me to a jealousy I never knew I had.  For me, Thanksgiving means road tripping.  The past two years, the two I've spent with Jonathan, have been road trip Thanksgivings.



Friday's Finds | WIT & DELIGHT

Throughout the week, I tend to collect stories, items, & little pieces of info that I find particularly delightful - sometimes witty.  I decided that on Friday's I'll share some of my favorites with the world.



THE WRITTEN WORD | Passing Thoughts

Is it any coincidence that every since article on MindBodyGreen's daily roundup for today was spot on something I needed to read?  I don't think that has ever happened before.  I also can't remember when I first began to lose interest in the fine art of writing my soul out.  That is what this blog was originally started for - way back when in the land of 2009.  An era of greatness amongst bloggers.  Those who started then, have grown into stardom - well, blogger stadom, anyway.  That isn't saying much, but it is saying that unlike myself, they are resilient.  What happened to my resilience, my tenacity, my will to move forward, to write every day no matter what stood in my way?


TUESDAY'S TUNES | Mountain Man

Aside from the great outdoors, I have many other passions - one of these being music.

For me, music serves as a soundtrack to my life.  I listen to a lot of folksy stuff like First Aid Kit, The Staves, Fleet Foxes, The Head & The Heart, Of Monsters & Men, Avett Brothers, & Bowerbirds - but I also like a lot of music that doesn't fit that genre.  I also love finding smaller, lesser known artists that have that little something.  This is what I'll be sharing here on Tuesdays - not the bands you know or the songs you love, but the little guys.  So, here's Mountain Man, harmonizing like the sirens of mythology.