Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Wednesday's used to be wordless.  They used to be filled with wisdom - without saying a damn word.  Well, how about this: how about we speak our minds, show our souls, & say what's up?
Today is 12.12.12, & man does that look weird to type out!  We're about to say goodbye to 2012, we're about to spend some of the most fun holidays with the people we love, & we're about to say fuck you Mayans, & have a party.  Yeah, that's happening.  So, what better day than today to tell you all what's going on in life, in love, in the world of Cal.
Lately I've been going nuts on Pinterest & Tumblr - aching for summer, swooning for my summer bod, becoming overly excited about the idea of embracing everything I have.  Being fully grateful for what California gives me.  For having the life I have.  The awesome boyfriend, the cute pups, the good family, friends, life.  So yeah, if you don't follow me on either of those, I suggest you do so ...I'm a repin/repost freak!
Let me share some of my resolutions for the new year.  Some of these are just for keeping up with, or continuing - some are new:
Continue gymming it up, & sing "Forever Young."
School.  Do it.  Get your classes in, & conquer them!
Try a green juice fast.  Then try it again.
Learn to love better.  (It's not that I'm bad at this, but being on my own will help me perfect my skillzzz.)
Start hiking on the weekends again!
Buy less, simplify, spend less, enjoy more.
Get my abs back!
Draw, paint, make, design.  Create.
Host the very first Boardwalk To Eden art show.
Walk more.  If we get this place in downtown Redlands we'll be able to walk pretty much everywhere except to work!

& all around just play more.
Happy 12.12.12 folks!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Strength is relative.  New things are often scary, especially when they're not (yet) certain.  Going back to school, finding a house to call a home, new love, new puppies.  Okay, new puppies might not be that scary, but new love sure as hell is.  The idea of opening yourself up to a possible heart break, once again.

At some point you have to face your fears.

In June I met Jonathan at a punk show at this local dive bar in Riverside.  The instant attraction was both awesome & scary as shit.  It's not like I haven't been here & there in relationships; should I try again?  Of course I should, right?  Why the hell not, when there's the possibility of something great, something amazing?  So, I went for it, & so far - it's worked.  I'm pretty damn sure that it'll stay this way, too.  

School - man, what can I say about school?  Education is important to me.  Even if my BIG DREAM doesn't require schooling of any sorts, it definitely doesn't hurt it, either.  Also, just the idea of learning is one of my favorites.  Give me all of the knowledge!  But then there's that whole "pick a major & stick to it" thing. Wow, is this really as hard for me as relationships are?  Yep, I guess I might just be the most indecisive person on this earth.  Dabble, much?  Last Fall, I went for it.  Not knowing exactly what I'd be majoring in or how long it'd take me to get to the majors courses, I set out for at least getting my transfer credits so that I can get to a University once the time comes.  & it'll be here soon enough.  & I know exactly what it is I'm supposed to do.  I'm supposed to save the world, duh.  So, we'll see how this goes.  

The point is, I'm doing it.  I'm back at school, trying to get the best grades I can.  I'm in a very awesome relationship, putting all I can into making it a rad adventure & a pure love story.  & with that, there's the issue of living ... together.

Yes, we have puppies that I'd say are "ours."  Not just mine, & just his - these two pups are brothers, okay?!  When they're together, they're at their best.  & by best, I mean ridiculously happy, playful, & down right tiring.  They deserve to live together.  & in all the same ways listed before, so do we (Jonathan & I).  Now, things might happen, & that "might" is scarier than all hell.  But there is no reason, I'd say no excuse, for me to hold back.  To not get excited about things because of the possibility of them not working out.  If there's one thing I know, it's this:  everything will work out for the best, the way it should be.  & if that isn't reason enough to just jump right into life, I don't know what is.

Be brave.  Be bold.  Be everything you've ever wanted to be.  Fail.  Try again.  Whatever you do, go for your dreams (even the BIG DREAM), & never ever give up!  

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hi there everyone in the vast web-universe!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (if you're in the states)!  Me & Jonathan went on a mini road trip to Arizona to have our turkey dinner with his family.  His grandfather has this amazing house on the river, it's just - it's ridiculous.  Then we drove over towards Phoenix to spend some time with my awesome friend Ruthy, & her family.  We hit Zia for record store day, got some pretty sweet ear candy, & went over to Nachobot which was bought by some Navajo dude & changed to Rezbot.  There's still chilaquiles there (even though he wrote on the chalk board "no nachos!"), so that worked for us.  It was just sort of sad how rude the dude was about the whole situation.  Oh well, decent food, & an awesome road trip!

In the TGGO news, it's been about 3 weeks since I last chopped my mop!  It's growing a bit (obviously not much, so only I can really tell), but it's enough to make me remember why I love my hair so much.  It grows fast, it grows strong, it grows LONG!  So, that's my goal.  I'm going to do everything I can to help this process along, too.

3 weeks of hair growth, at the river in AZ.

Also, Turbo (our beagle) is becoming a man.  He finally does things he's supposed to (aka not doing things he knows he's not supposed to) without me telling him to.  He's so much easier to handle now!  Gozer (our husky) has doubled in size overnight.  Me & Jonathan went to the gym, & then to sushi, & when we got back to his place & I saw Gozer I was blown away.  That dog had literally doubled overnight!  School is only 3 more weeks, which means that after my final I should have another hair update for here.  I have an exam tonight, class next week, & then the final.  Whoa, time is flying by!  My Winter registration date is for December 4th, & I'll most likely end up taking something online in the humanities department.  Who knows how many hours I'll have to log in just a 5 week session, but I can do it.

Right now I'm wishing for a beach bonfire, a place for us to move in together, finals to be done with, more Christmas decorations, some Irish nachos, the ability to sleep in, & a date night - we deserve it!

I'm also working on my Happiness Project resolutions; I'll have to post those soon.

Have a great day!  ♥

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This may become a new motto here.
Lately I've been hard at work with a new position at my job, with new classes at night, new adventures on the weekends, & with my new love.
Jonathan is more than I could have ever asked for in a man.  I know it's cheesy, & I know I've been here & there in relationships throughout my 20s, but I just couldn't have imagined such peace.  To have something fit just right that you don't even have to try for it.
It's lovely.

With all this new found peace, there's still that leftover clutter.  Life at home, clothes I'll never wear again, paper clutter, art that isn't yet framed, journals that should be stashed - or not, yarn that's over-flowing ... everywhere.  Even though this tranquility has come over me & where I am in life, there's still ALL of that.  There's the fact that I haven't gone camping in well over a year - & it's killing me.  It's just such a silly thing, but it's so terribly necessary for me & my well-being.

& then a good friend of mine introduces me to this book, The Happiness Project.  What do I have to provide to readers, I ask myself.  Well, there's this - inspiration, motivation, the idea that travel is a state of mind & vacations can be as simple as a weekend at your friends house.  That is why I love this blog.

The entire idea behind it is to find my own personal Eden; hopefully while I'm searching for my own - I can inspire some of you as well.  I mean, that's one reason I've fallen in love with blogging & reading blogs, because they inspire.  & with a blog it's not only photos (like on Pinterest) but it's words; words mean so much.  The stories, the lives, the people, the emotions - that's why I love blogging.

So anyway, this Happiness Project is something that's really caught my attention.  While reading it I'll try to put some of her tips into practice.  Her tips are good (you can find them on her blog); they're basically that you should make your own goals, your own resolutions to help you achieve these goals, & that everything eventually leads to the ultimate goal of happiness.  So there that is.
& while I'm at it, here's another little piece of my heart that's made life so lovely lately.

Friday, November 16, 2012


This is me with my fresh cut from last Saturday.  It all started at noon on November 10, 2012.  That is when I decided to begin The Great Grow Out.  For a whole of three years (if not more) I will not cut these locks besides for a good shaping once a year (if that), & to cut my bangs (of course).  Because this is a challenge for me, I'll need to blog it - because if I blog it, I *have* to do it.  Where as if I'm simply chatting about it, I'll put "goals" aside for that fresh new cut, or whatever it is I wanna do that I said I wouldn't.  Yes, I'm that person.

So!  Armed with some new incentives (such as saving money), I'm going to start this hair project.  Well, I already have ... but I don't think a week is much.  Although, I shouldn't discount any day that I go w/o scissors to hair!

Ramblings aside, this is it.  Starting here, with this shaved-neck-short mop, I will not chop.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It's been a while since I've been active on here.  Not much has changed, including my ridiculous obsession with collecting pets.  I mean, come on.  I have a cat, he's 8 years old, & his name is Junior (officially Chester Jr. after my mom's cat who he resembles), & I've got my 1 year old Turbo beagle.  Since I've known Jonathan, he's had his tubby, orange cat, Bragnadarr The Troll Eater; yeah he's one for pet names.

Fast forward 4 months to October.  At the beginning of this month I received an email from my dad containing pictures of a litter of husky puppies.  There were 3 puppies in the litter left, the first picture had one puppy in it - a dark grey boy with very distinct eyebrows, the second picture had two puppies in it - a beautiful white one with glowing blue eyes out in the front, & this little brown boy in the back, with the most ridiculous, jerk-face going on.  As soon as I showed the pictures to Jonathan, he said "I want that little jerk-faced one in the back."  Oh, god.  Almost immediately, I called my mom & had her ask my dad to email the dude back who he got the first message from.  I was directed to a Craigslist page which held images to the last puppy from that litter ... & it was the one Jonathan wanted - it was Gozer.  Of course, being Craiglist, I had to "call or text" as the description said; so I called.  I left a message but was so friggin impatient with this (I absolutely had to get him that dog) that I texted on a whim to see if maybe they were serious about the texting part.  After almost an entire work day of texting & working out our situation, Jonathan picked me up at work, we drove to Los Angeles, & I got him that damned dog.  When they met, the puppy told him that his name was Gozer The Destructor, & that he should choose his form of destruction.  It was love at first ... lick.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


There are numerous possibilities stewing in this mind of mine.  I could even be so bold as to say, unlimited possibilities.  I have ideas.  I have thoughts, contributions, roads to travel, lives to live.  There is SO much going on in here that I really do need a plan of action.  I'm always making plans, changing them, contributing to other plans, rearranging mine, trying to make things work for other people, putting my thoughts & plans out back to stew, & then eventually forgetting about them.  It's like a compost heap of emotions out there; compiled of all these ideas, & the baggage that goes with them.  How each one came about is it's own story, with its own worm in that heap out there.  That worm is traveling through all that gunk, waiting to live it's life, fulfill it's story, it's destiny ... but sometimes that poor worm just sifts sand, & creates more fertilizer, & more ideas.  It's the weirdest vicious cycle ever.  Seriously.

This whole vicious cycle of searching, circling, trying, listening, & redoing has gotten me in a now mood.  I am ready to think about NOW.  I am ready to be as here & now as I can be.  Which means those worms will have to churn more soil because I'm taking a now break.  If I have a bill due, I'll pay it NOW.  If I have an idea I want to write down, I'm doing it NOW.  Something I want to draw, it's happening right NOW.  If there's a meal I want to cook, well, I'll do it as NOW as my surroundings will let me.  I will stop & smell the roses, breathe in the air around me, take in my surroundings - & not just for the usual reason of people watching.  I will see the birds, the bees, the leaves blowing in the autumn wind.  I will smell the sea air that comes up this-a-way every so often.  I will dedicate this moment, & this one, & this one too - to NOW.

I know it sounds cheesy.  I.  Know.  But yah know what?  I don't really care how cheesy it might be.  Because living in the moment is kinda really awesome.  Sure, I have people that get me down (work, ugh), & I have situations in life that aren't the best (hello, still living at home), but I refuse to let these things bother me.  Instead, I will be thankful for a steady paycheck (to pay off those student loans & that lovely car of mine), I will be thankful for a roof over my head, food in my mouf, health insurance, car insurance, an awesome mom, a pretty cool dad, an amazing boyfriend, a couple of rad dogs, friends who don't need Halloween as an excuse to dress up, & so much more it's just ridiculous.  I'm thankful for my tent, & all these awesome places to camp around here.  I'm thankful that I live only 40 minutes from the beach.  I'm thankful that I can take in all these experiences.  I'm thankful for life.  Because no matter what you believe, there's nothing like living right now.  Being here & now, & living for today.  Nothing in the future can be as clear as where we are & what we have right now.  So get to it.  Get to living.  Turn those ideas into something.  Kick that compost heap over & break out the good stuff (sorry for such a smelly analogy).  Go on now!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Overwhelmed & out of breath, I am lost as to what is appropriate here.  What do I say?  What do I do with my hands?

I'll be turning 27 soon.  Isn't that a feat?  At 27 wasn't I supposed to have some job at a fun corporation, writing, doing what I loved?  Wasn't I supposed to have a family, a home?  Wasn't I supposed to have it all figured out?  Sorry self, I supposed you'll just have to deal with what I CAN give you.

In 7 days I'll be 27.  I'll be in school, in love, on the road to paying off debt, making room for improvements like moving out of that house I once called home.  I will be holding hands with the man I love, watching my puppy lick frosting from my legs, not knowing how it got there in the first place.  I will take a deep breath, I will close my eyes, & I will laugh.  I'll laugh at all the ridiculous cards I've been dealt & how I've managed to stay sane, stay open, stay true.  I'll laugh at my dog, how I almost lost him, how he means the world to me - this little brown beagle.  I'll laugh at how me & Jonathan met, how I love his name, how I'll never stop getting butterflies from his touch, the thought of him, his voice, his love.  I'll laugh at how silly we all look in our party dresses, drinking champagne, eating sparkling cake, enjoying life for what it is because I'll be damned if I don't.

What's not to enjoy?  This is all overwhelmingly amazing.  This is perfection.

I'll remember when I first met Jonathan, & how I knew he was the one for me.  I'll remember all the friends I've loved & lost, & how even though it's dead & gone, the past has shaped me into this creature of myths.  I could have never dreamed up a love like this, a life so golden, a poetic self.  Beatniks be damned, I refuse to rhyme my words, or connect my thoughts.  Because all of this is what matters most.  This purity, this love, this life I'm living.  With the warm Autumn air flowing through the window, the sound of a skipping record left unattended from the night before, the smell of flowers.  "I'll always keep fresh flowers in my home."  I always said that.  I still do.  & I do.  With everything so perfect what's the point of unappreciative thoughts, overly-high standards, & the desire for more?  Nothing.

So, here's to you, 27.  May this be my year to grow.  To grow up, to grow out, to grow in.  In love, in light, & in this magical world we live in.  Here's to you, & here's to me, because damn - we've made it so far.

Here's to now.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Hi there, & happy Labor Day!  Since today is, in fact, Labor Day, & it's the first Monday of September (ahem, my birthday month), I thought I'd give us a little bit of party music to dance to.  & since the theme of my birthday party this year is "Champagne" - whether I have a party or not, I figured I'd go with the most well fitting song there is.  Enjoy the music & have a wonderful day off!  (I really hope most of you have today off).

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Oh, September - how I love you, so!  This is the month of Fall - Autumn air, pumpkin lattes, apple cider, changing leaves...  Oh, wait, I live in California, which means it's still going to be pretty damn hot, but you can bet yer ass I'll be partaking in most of these Fall goodies way ahead of the schedule.  Also, it's my birthday month, so I can.  So there.

1.  This month is all mine - me, me, me.  So first off, is getting back to me.  Starting this month, I'll be keeping a weekly record of how I did with taking care of my body throughout the week (food/workouts/weight), & sharing it with my friend Vivs.  We'll be helping each other get out of our annual end of Summer slump.

2.  I really want to dedicate more time to this blog, so I'm making it a goal to blog on here at least four times a week.  I'll at least have Music Monday going, Wednesday's Wisdom, the Friday accountability posts that I haven't named yet, & Linkage on Saturdays.

3.  Something I really need to work on is being more appreciative, thankful, grateful - whatever you want to call it, I need to appreciate what I have, & enjoy life for everything it is - good & bad.

4.  Starting this month, I'll also be on a nice road to moving out.  I've set up my car payment so that I'm paying almost $100 more a month, in order to get rid of the debt within the next year or so.  Hopefully by January 2014, I can think about moving out with my honey & our animals!

5.  This is going to be a hard one, but even though this is my month, I decided that I am NOT going to buy myself anything that I don't need.  That includes food, gas, toiletries - no frivolous spending.

6.  One goal that's a bit more on the selfish side is that I WILL have a birthday party this year.  I don't care if it's just me & Jonathan - there WILL be decorations, champagne, champagne cupcakes, & golden balloons everywhere, I promise you.  (Turbo might get some bling, too).

7.  Lastly, I'd like to make more time for Turbo.  I might even make myself take a photo of him to post on here once a week, possibly.  Don't think I wont...  I've just been so busy lately, & I feel like he really needs more of my lovin on the daily.

I hope you all have an amazing September, & Autumnal Equinox!  Oh, & just for fun, here are three of my favorite Fall Signature Cocktails, enjoy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hello there everyone.  Yes, yes, I know it's not Monday, I just wanted to update you all on why Music Monday's have been on hold for the past couple of weeks, while (of course) providing you with some tunes to accompany this long-spoken explanation.

For the past two weekends I have either been partaking in the festivities, or working Rock The Bells.  The weekend before last I was able to attend the San Bernardino event for free thanks to Jonathan & his awesome hook ups with Guerilla Union.  Last weekend I had the amazing privilege of working the photo pit for the Mountain View location.  I was working at Stage 2, which on Saturday was the 36 Chambers stage, ran by RZA, featuring all the artists he's had a pretty close relationship to.  So, Salt & Pepa, DMX, Ice Cube, Method Man & Red Man - people like that.  Sunday the stage was the Paid Dues stage, which happens to be an independent hip hop festival that Guerilla Union puts on.  This stage featured artists like HIT Squad, Zion I, DJ Quik, & Immortal Technique.  I was honored to have the opportunity to be a part of this.  If I could, I would thank Jonathan a million times (I probably can), & his team at Guerilla Union - Jojo, & Scarlett.

So, that's what I've been up to.  That's why I've been unable to function on Mondays.  Well, this past Monday we were driving home down the 101.  So, I was pretty functionable, & that road trip with my honey was pretty awesome, too.  Anywho, to keep with the theme here, listen to this!  (Doomtree wan't at the festival, but I'm pretty sure they've done Paid Dues before.)  Enjoy!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Right now I'm probably walking around the NOS Events Center at Rock The Bells, beer in hand, music in ears, enjoying the sunshine, & blaring heat of southern California.  Not blogging.  But in order to keep this baby up to date, I wanted to show you all some linkage I'm loving this week.  Oh, & yes "linkage" is from the movie Encino Man, & I am indeed referring to the character Linkovich Chomovsky, played by Brendan Fraser.

Anywho!  That's the story behind the series name "linkage."  Here's the bizz!

I am really digging this Retro Eyes Party Dress from Lalamagic.  It's got one of the best prints I've seen in a long time.  Way to be imaginative, & not just slap on some tribal like everyone's doing.  Love it.

Watching Gabe & Dennis get drunk is seriously entertaining.  These two are friends of Jonathan's who (I'm guessing) cook & drink...?  Yeah, basically, it's stupid-funny, & we all love a touch of that here & there.  Don't lie.

I'm really excited about what's going down in the near future with Kelly, & The Pinpoint Method.  I really hope they come out to California for some design lovin.

Also, my girl Danielle from Dinosaur Toes has a new project that's pretty damn coo.  She paints these awesome portraits for her new company, Girl + Parrot.  Check it.

Oh, & one more thing.  A TESLA MUSEUM?!?!  Yes, help out.  This shit's legit.  So much excitement!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Today is Friday, & this weekend is going to be a loooong one.  Jonathan is working Rock the Bells, & he's gotten me a couple passes into the event.  Not only that, but a LOT of his friends will be going too, so his house is going to be super busy with people in town for this music fest.  So really, things have been moving super fast lately, but lately I've been...

Watching:  Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1 on Blu-ray.  Jonathan is going to be reviewing this for Racket once we're done with the season because it's all remastered, & pretty, & stuff.  Mostly, I just love all the syfy geekiness going on.  Oh, & Wil Wheaton as the newest crew member of Enterprise - rad. 

Eating:  Like a frat boy.  Seriously, I love me some potato - especially if it's got cheese & bacon on it, I was recently shown the best nachos in the world, & Jonathan's beer is almost ready to be chilled & enjoyed.  He's making a home brewed citrus pale ale with some extra hops for our taste bud's pleasure. 

Thinking about:  The future, specifically with Jonathan.  Yes, he's now a huge part of my life.  Not that we really share anything with each other, except experiences.  But thinking of our future is one thing we love to do.  Me back in school, paying off my car, being able to afford to move out, us going to Scotland, moving out of the country if things go a certain way.  You know, just dreaming.  

Anticipating:  August 28th - aka the first day of school.  My registration date was so late that everything was waitlisted.  Meaning, I'm on a list for 2 classes, that (in case someone who's registered doesn't show up) I could possibly be added to.  It's making me super anxious, but I just gotta stick it out till then.  After that, I'm either in school for the Fall, or I have to try again in the Spring.  Life will go on as it is, & always has.

Working on:  Putting more money into my car payment each month, as to pay it off sooner than 2 years from now.  I also need to work on getting my ass into work for 40 hours each week.  Making more money would really help me to not only pay off debt I have (which isn't much, really), but also afford things I currently can't.  Like,  Yep.

Wishing for:  This heat to go away soon.  I'm an Autumn girl through & through.  I was born the day after the Equinox, I absolutely love spiced anything, Halloween is the BEST, & the changing leaves are just so beautiful.  Plus, the weather in California is so perfect in the Fall.  I cannot wait to go to the pumpkin patch, & apple picking with my boyfran.  So romantic.  (gross)

Feeling like:  A walking contradiction.  Not only am I really antsy & nervous about school, but I'm just so in love right now, & just super high on life.  All this fun is really getting in the way of my stress.  

Post idea via:  Sometimes Sweet

Monday, August 13, 2012


One of my favorite songs lately has been this version of Moon River performed by The Honey Trees.  It takes the nostalgia of the original piece written specifically for the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's & brings a new-found whimsy where before there was only heartbreak.

I enjoy so much about this video - from the quilted backdrop, to her dress, & that microphone - just look at it!  It's all just so pretty - so well styled.  These two know exactly what they're doing when it comes to attracting an audience.  Well, they've got my eye.  They've stolen my heart.  How about yours?

Happy Monday!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


So, Jonathan has this cool magazine where he reviews shit.  In order to do this, he has to apply to events to get press passes & witness things that need reviewing (music, movies, lucha...).  This skill has come in handy for our social life.  Recently he got us into the OC Fair for free "to review the OC Dodgeball tournament."  This is pretty damn awesome, considering a beer alone is about $12, & that's not from Beers of the World, that's the Shocktop you get at the domestic, cheap-ass beer stand.  Food on top of that will break the bank. So bring a couple flasks of your favorite mixing liquor, get some free tickets, & you can totally afford the instant diabetes you'll get from all those deep fried noms.

After you're nice & liquored up, go pet some goats, talk to some little girls about what kind of rabbit you have (make sure to mention his big furry balls when they ask his gender), go ride the ferris wheel, take some photo booth photos, watch people fall on pogo sticks, eat more deep fried food, & watch drunk people try to throw rubber balls at each other in the dodgeball championships.  Finish the night off at Umami Burger, & drive home once you're nice & sobered up.

I love fair season.  But what I love most is the diet it forces me to go on immediately after.  We had so much fun being silly in such a silly place; trying out hand massages, getting our nails painted, sitting on display swings for more than our socially acceptable allotted time, & just being really annoying (I'm so good at that).  Oh, & I even won my fella a stuffed dinosaur, & a tiny stuffed shrimp.  

It's so hot here in SoCal.  I'm getting off this here hot-box of a computer, watching The Goonies, & eating me a drumstick!  

Never say die!  

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


1.  Most importantly, is registering for school on August 14th.  Once I've got a class locked in, I can concentrate on other things.

2.  Like cleaning house.  Organizing my closet, purging possessions, straight-up cleaning.  I've been doing this a little at a time, but I need a huge overhaul.

3.  Blog regularly once again.  I've been doing this more & more while updating the design here, but once I get everything locked in, I plan on maintaining a good blogging schedule.

4.  This is a weird goal, but an important one.  I have a weight loss goal of 10 pounds.  If I can complete this by the time I'm 27, that would be prime.  Now, that isn't exactly one month, it's a bit over a month, but it's totally doable if I stick with it.  I know how, I just need to do it.

5.  Once I've registered for classes, & have one locked in, the next step is to get my arse back in school.  Classes start August 27th, & I'm psyched.  This is a huge goal for me, it has been for a while.  Realizing this is going to be such a relief.

6.  Something that's been really bothering me lately that I wish to change is my level of stress.  Funds are extremely tight, & the amount of stress this is causing me is ridiculous.  I have things to cut back on to reduce this stress.  Spending frivolously isn't really something I do, but lately I've been a little loose with the cash.  I need to tighten back up, & get my money under wraps so that life in general is a little more peaceful.

7.  Another personal goal for me is to stop apologizing.  I have no clue why I've been doing this besides the fact that it could be from stress.  But stopping to smell the proverbial roses would help.  The people who are around me are there because they want to be.  Being too apologetic for no reason is annoying, I know this.  So there's that.  Give myself a break, won't I.  (dat's Yoda speak)

 I've always thought of August as the last big break before the start of the holidays.  My birthday is in September, then comes Halloween, & so on, till the new year.  Things speed up after August, so if there's any time to refresh & start new, now's the time.  Let's do this.

Do you guys have any goals for this month, or 2012?

Monday, August 6, 2012


Why hello there, & happy Monday!  I've decided to start up Music Monday on this here blog of mine.  If you don't know what Music Monday is, just hashtag that 'ish on Twitter & I'm sure you'll get plenty of results.  In short, it's where you dedicate one day of the week on your blog (or whatever) to music.  Sharing music, talking about music, just all around lovin' up on music.  & since I am, in fact, a music junkie, I thought I'd start up this once a week series, where I show you guys what music I'm currently loving, lusting, listening to, or dumbfounded by.  Take this cover of Call Your Girlfriend, for example.  Lennon & Maisy are middle school girls with more talent than most of us have in our little toe.  Take a listen, be impressed, & come back next week for more ear candy.  Tootles!

P.S.  Happy-slappy birthday to my lovely cousin Amanda Jane, I love you, seester!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Hi there, & thanks for stopping by.  Yep, this is me being "cordial."

::wink wink::

I wanted to post a few quick updates on here to keep things current.  First, I'm switching up the layout, the format, the design, & the pages on here.  I've been annoyed with having the same old layout I've been using for years, so that's going to be changing soon.  The pages will also have more info, be more concise & useful, rather than pretty & purposeless.  I'll also be redoing my main image (not because it makes people awkward, I relish in that fact).  It will be hand illustrated by me since I'll be incorporating more of my art on here once again.  Since I've finally got my inspiration back, thanks to my fella.  Honestly, the dude's just walking inspiration for me.  It's so cute, it's gross.

What else...

Oh!  I chopped off some more of my hair.  It's almost like I'm a short-haired kinda gall now.  We'll see.  Well, here, you take a look & tell me what you think.

Other than that things are pretty tame around here.  I've just been hanging out with this fine, funny fella of mine, drawing a lot more, getting more into photography, carrying my camera around everywhere even if I'm not taking as many photos as I'd like.  I'm back to Instagraming like a mofo.  I've been training my Turbo-dog to do things the right way, like not run over & eat the other dog's food just because he finished his & they're not done yet.  I swear he's just trying to help them finish their dinner, but I'm not too keen on it, & I'm sure they're not that pleased with him either.  Plus, since he's been spending a lot more time over at his new friends house he better get some manners during feeding time.  Oh, that little pig-dog of mine.  Anywho, yep.  That's life lately.  Puppy training, gross-icky love stuff, adventure, drawing, being more social, & blogging again.  I'd say that's worth an update.

Have a kick-ace Friday!

Monday, July 30, 2012


So, this here blog is still under major reconstructive surgery. It's getting a face lift, a tummy tuck, some lipo, & laser hair removal (hair removal is questionable). While it's under, I feel that I should still be taking advantage of it. Kinda like that scene in Kill Bill, except I'm not gonna rape it, & it won't come back to life & smash my head in... So, I guess it's not like that scene... Huh.

 Anyway, while I'm working on the design, the layout, sizing things, formatting things, organizing things, & generally doing stuff, I'll continue writing, blogging, filling your feed with my nonsensical ramblings, & updating you on my life. So, here it goes.

 While I've been gone, what has life thrown at me? Well, I've gotten myself a new fella - he's pretty rad, & even has his very own space on these interwebz over at Racket Magazine. There's more to him, but we'll get to that in future posts concerning adventure, & current happenings. Let's see... I've gotten myself back into school with a new focus, & some new goals - but really, this is what I've wanted to do since I was in elementary school, so it works out mighty fine for me. Classes don't start till August 27th, so I still have time to get this sucker up & looking awesome. Besides those two very "big deal" things, not much else has happened. I've gotten rid of some baggage, gotten myself back into drawing on the regular, eaten about 5 pounds of nachos, drank about 5 gallons of beer, found Turbo a new friend, & have been having a pretty rad time doing it all. Life has been pretty damn good, & I'm happier, & more content than ever.

See how happy that Turb-dog face is?  Yep, things are good.  So, keep it classy, kids.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Explanation.  So here I am again, reconstructing this baby of mine.  This Cal - internet, love child.  My first blog, Boardwalk to Eden.  You see, life can be a bit of a mean bitch sometimes.  & yes, I have a real voice that is all my own that I'll start using around these parts.  Usually when life hands me lemons, I make dat lemonade. Not this time though, this time I chickened out.  I dealt with it, but my way of dealing was by running away ... mostly from the online world.  Probably because (like most people) blogging has been slow.  But mostly because this crisis that pushed me over the edge was from something that mostly happened online.  Which is funny.  I've had more personable relationships with people I meet online than I had with that crisis.  But I digress...

I didn't want this to turn into an all out post, so let me just sum this up.  I'm reconstructing this baby.  I hope that when I'm finished, I'm proud.  I want to be able to share life with this blog again.  Not just boredom, sadness, & dissatisfaction with the world.  Because honestly, you guys know me.  You know that I love this world.  So here I go, makin bacon.

I am, however, going to be back to regular posting while this blog catches up.  So, hold tight, & stay tuned!