Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Explanation.  So here I am again, reconstructing this baby of mine.  This Cal - internet, love child.  My first blog, Boardwalk to Eden.  You see, life can be a bit of a mean bitch sometimes.  & yes, I have a real voice that is all my own that I'll start using around these parts.  Usually when life hands me lemons, I make dat lemonade. Not this time though, this time I chickened out.  I dealt with it, but my way of dealing was by running away ... mostly from the online world.  Probably because (like most people) blogging has been slow.  But mostly because this crisis that pushed me over the edge was from something that mostly happened online.  Which is funny.  I've had more personable relationships with people I meet online than I had with that crisis.  But I digress...

I didn't want this to turn into an all out post, so let me just sum this up.  I'm reconstructing this baby.  I hope that when I'm finished, I'm proud.  I want to be able to share life with this blog again.  Not just boredom, sadness, & dissatisfaction with the world.  Because honestly, you guys know me.  You know that I love this world.  So here I go, makin bacon.

I am, however, going to be back to regular posting while this blog catches up.  So, hold tight, & stay tuned!


  1. cant wait to see where this takes you. love..

    1. Thanks SO much Beca. You're the best. ♥