Tuesday, August 7, 2012


1.  Most importantly, is registering for school on August 14th.  Once I've got a class locked in, I can concentrate on other things.

2.  Like cleaning house.  Organizing my closet, purging possessions, straight-up cleaning.  I've been doing this a little at a time, but I need a huge overhaul.

3.  Blog regularly once again.  I've been doing this more & more while updating the design here, but once I get everything locked in, I plan on maintaining a good blogging schedule.

4.  This is a weird goal, but an important one.  I have a weight loss goal of 10 pounds.  If I can complete this by the time I'm 27, that would be prime.  Now, that isn't exactly one month, it's a bit over a month, but it's totally doable if I stick with it.  I know how, I just need to do it.

5.  Once I've registered for classes, & have one locked in, the next step is to get my arse back in school.  Classes start August 27th, & I'm psyched.  This is a huge goal for me, it has been for a while.  Realizing this is going to be such a relief.

6.  Something that's been really bothering me lately that I wish to change is my level of stress.  Funds are extremely tight, & the amount of stress this is causing me is ridiculous.  I have things to cut back on to reduce this stress.  Spending frivolously isn't really something I do, but lately I've been a little loose with the cash.  I need to tighten back up, & get my money under wraps so that life in general is a little more peaceful.

7.  Another personal goal for me is to stop apologizing.  I have no clue why I've been doing this besides the fact that it could be from stress.  But stopping to smell the proverbial roses would help.  The people who are around me are there because they want to be.  Being too apologetic for no reason is annoying, I know this.  So there's that.  Give myself a break, won't I.  (dat's Yoda speak)

 I've always thought of August as the last big break before the start of the holidays.  My birthday is in September, then comes Halloween, & so on, till the new year.  Things speed up after August, so if there's any time to refresh & start new, now's the time.  Let's do this.

Do you guys have any goals for this month, or 2012?

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  1. i just started following your blog and i'm looking forward to your posts! this is probably the 6th blog that i've made for myself... i'm gonna try and maintain mine as well! i'm sara, nice to meet ya Cal!