Friday, August 17, 2012


Today is Friday, & this weekend is going to be a loooong one.  Jonathan is working Rock the Bells, & he's gotten me a couple passes into the event.  Not only that, but a LOT of his friends will be going too, so his house is going to be super busy with people in town for this music fest.  So really, things have been moving super fast lately, but lately I've been...

Watching:  Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1 on Blu-ray.  Jonathan is going to be reviewing this for Racket once we're done with the season because it's all remastered, & pretty, & stuff.  Mostly, I just love all the syfy geekiness going on.  Oh, & Wil Wheaton as the newest crew member of Enterprise - rad. 

Eating:  Like a frat boy.  Seriously, I love me some potato - especially if it's got cheese & bacon on it, I was recently shown the best nachos in the world, & Jonathan's beer is almost ready to be chilled & enjoyed.  He's making a home brewed citrus pale ale with some extra hops for our taste bud's pleasure. 

Thinking about:  The future, specifically with Jonathan.  Yes, he's now a huge part of my life.  Not that we really share anything with each other, except experiences.  But thinking of our future is one thing we love to do.  Me back in school, paying off my car, being able to afford to move out, us going to Scotland, moving out of the country if things go a certain way.  You know, just dreaming.  

Anticipating:  August 28th - aka the first day of school.  My registration date was so late that everything was waitlisted.  Meaning, I'm on a list for 2 classes, that (in case someone who's registered doesn't show up) I could possibly be added to.  It's making me super anxious, but I just gotta stick it out till then.  After that, I'm either in school for the Fall, or I have to try again in the Spring.  Life will go on as it is, & always has.

Working on:  Putting more money into my car payment each month, as to pay it off sooner than 2 years from now.  I also need to work on getting my ass into work for 40 hours each week.  Making more money would really help me to not only pay off debt I have (which isn't much, really), but also afford things I currently can't.  Like,  Yep.

Wishing for:  This heat to go away soon.  I'm an Autumn girl through & through.  I was born the day after the Equinox, I absolutely love spiced anything, Halloween is the BEST, & the changing leaves are just so beautiful.  Plus, the weather in California is so perfect in the Fall.  I cannot wait to go to the pumpkin patch, & apple picking with my boyfran.  So romantic.  (gross)

Feeling like:  A walking contradiction.  Not only am I really antsy & nervous about school, but I'm just so in love right now, & just super high on life.  All this fun is really getting in the way of my stress.  

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