Monday, August 6, 2012


Why hello there, & happy Monday!  I've decided to start up Music Monday on this here blog of mine.  If you don't know what Music Monday is, just hashtag that 'ish on Twitter & I'm sure you'll get plenty of results.  In short, it's where you dedicate one day of the week on your blog (or whatever) to music.  Sharing music, talking about music, just all around lovin' up on music.  & since I am, in fact, a music junkie, I thought I'd start up this once a week series, where I show you guys what music I'm currently loving, lusting, listening to, or dumbfounded by.  Take this cover of Call Your Girlfriend, for example.  Lennon & Maisy are middle school girls with more talent than most of us have in our little toe.  Take a listen, be impressed, & come back next week for more ear candy.  Tootles!

P.S.  Happy-slappy birthday to my lovely cousin Amanda Jane, I love you, seester!