Saturday, August 11, 2012


So, Jonathan has this cool magazine where he reviews shit.  In order to do this, he has to apply to events to get press passes & witness things that need reviewing (music, movies, lucha...).  This skill has come in handy for our social life.  Recently he got us into the OC Fair for free "to review the OC Dodgeball tournament."  This is pretty damn awesome, considering a beer alone is about $12, & that's not from Beers of the World, that's the Shocktop you get at the domestic, cheap-ass beer stand.  Food on top of that will break the bank. So bring a couple flasks of your favorite mixing liquor, get some free tickets, & you can totally afford the instant diabetes you'll get from all those deep fried noms.

After you're nice & liquored up, go pet some goats, talk to some little girls about what kind of rabbit you have (make sure to mention his big furry balls when they ask his gender), go ride the ferris wheel, take some photo booth photos, watch people fall on pogo sticks, eat more deep fried food, & watch drunk people try to throw rubber balls at each other in the dodgeball championships.  Finish the night off at Umami Burger, & drive home once you're nice & sobered up.

I love fair season.  But what I love most is the diet it forces me to go on immediately after.  We had so much fun being silly in such a silly place; trying out hand massages, getting our nails painted, sitting on display swings for more than our socially acceptable allotted time, & just being really annoying (I'm so good at that).  Oh, & I even won my fella a stuffed dinosaur, & a tiny stuffed shrimp.  

It's so hot here in SoCal.  I'm getting off this here hot-box of a computer, watching The Goonies, & eating me a drumstick!  

Never say die!  


  1. looks like a fun time cal! and i love this new layout. so glad you're back <3

  2. That hot dog looks so good. I need to get my butt to the fair. Need to do that when the fair comes to AZ in October.