Friday, August 3, 2012


Hi there, & thanks for stopping by.  Yep, this is me being "cordial."

::wink wink::

I wanted to post a few quick updates on here to keep things current.  First, I'm switching up the layout, the format, the design, & the pages on here.  I've been annoyed with having the same old layout I've been using for years, so that's going to be changing soon.  The pages will also have more info, be more concise & useful, rather than pretty & purposeless.  I'll also be redoing my main image (not because it makes people awkward, I relish in that fact).  It will be hand illustrated by me since I'll be incorporating more of my art on here once again.  Since I've finally got my inspiration back, thanks to my fella.  Honestly, the dude's just walking inspiration for me.  It's so cute, it's gross.

What else...

Oh!  I chopped off some more of my hair.  It's almost like I'm a short-haired kinda gall now.  We'll see.  Well, here, you take a look & tell me what you think.

Other than that things are pretty tame around here.  I've just been hanging out with this fine, funny fella of mine, drawing a lot more, getting more into photography, carrying my camera around everywhere even if I'm not taking as many photos as I'd like.  I'm back to Instagraming like a mofo.  I've been training my Turbo-dog to do things the right way, like not run over & eat the other dog's food just because he finished his & they're not done yet.  I swear he's just trying to help them finish their dinner, but I'm not too keen on it, & I'm sure they're not that pleased with him either.  Plus, since he's been spending a lot more time over at his new friends house he better get some manners during feeding time.  Oh, that little pig-dog of mine.  Anywho, yep.  That's life lately.  Puppy training, gross-icky love stuff, adventure, drawing, being more social, & blogging again.  I'd say that's worth an update.

Have a kick-ace Friday!


  1. I loveeeee your hair. Jeeze my summer gas been so busy. Now that it's called down for a couple weeks I feel I need to have a sit down with your blog to catch up. I feel like I've missed a lot.

    1. ;) Thanks a bunch...& I totally interpreted those words in my head.

  2. i like you with short hair!

    happy you are so happy :)