Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It's been a while since I've been active on here.  Not much has changed, including my ridiculous obsession with collecting pets.  I mean, come on.  I have a cat, he's 8 years old, & his name is Junior (officially Chester Jr. after my mom's cat who he resembles), & I've got my 1 year old Turbo beagle.  Since I've known Jonathan, he's had his tubby, orange cat, Bragnadarr The Troll Eater; yeah he's one for pet names.

Fast forward 4 months to October.  At the beginning of this month I received an email from my dad containing pictures of a litter of husky puppies.  There were 3 puppies in the litter left, the first picture had one puppy in it - a dark grey boy with very distinct eyebrows, the second picture had two puppies in it - a beautiful white one with glowing blue eyes out in the front, & this little brown boy in the back, with the most ridiculous, jerk-face going on.  As soon as I showed the pictures to Jonathan, he said "I want that little jerk-faced one in the back."  Oh, god.  Almost immediately, I called my mom & had her ask my dad to email the dude back who he got the first message from.  I was directed to a Craigslist page which held images to the last puppy from that litter ... & it was the one Jonathan wanted - it was Gozer.  Of course, being Craiglist, I had to "call or text" as the description said; so I called.  I left a message but was so friggin impatient with this (I absolutely had to get him that dog) that I texted on a whim to see if maybe they were serious about the texting part.  After almost an entire work day of texting & working out our situation, Jonathan picked me up at work, we drove to Los Angeles, & I got him that damned dog.  When they met, the puppy told him that his name was Gozer The Destructor, & that he should choose his form of destruction.  It was love at first ... lick.


  1. What a beautiful husky beast! Cypress is part husky and Rob always loves looking other huskies and husky mixes :)

    1. My mom has a husky mix, too! I love me a good pointy-ear'd chew monster. ;)

  2. He is such a gorgeous dog! I'm so desperate for a dog, but have no idea how long we'll be in the country!

    I can see why you fell in love with him immediately!