Tuesday, October 30, 2012


There are numerous possibilities stewing in this mind of mine.  I could even be so bold as to say, unlimited possibilities.  I have ideas.  I have thoughts, contributions, roads to travel, lives to live.  There is SO much going on in here that I really do need a plan of action.  I'm always making plans, changing them, contributing to other plans, rearranging mine, trying to make things work for other people, putting my thoughts & plans out back to stew, & then eventually forgetting about them.  It's like a compost heap of emotions out there; compiled of all these ideas, & the baggage that goes with them.  How each one came about is it's own story, with its own worm in that heap out there.  That worm is traveling through all that gunk, waiting to live it's life, fulfill it's story, it's destiny ... but sometimes that poor worm just sifts sand, & creates more fertilizer, & more ideas.  It's the weirdest vicious cycle ever.  Seriously.

This whole vicious cycle of searching, circling, trying, listening, & redoing has gotten me in a now mood.  I am ready to think about NOW.  I am ready to be as here & now as I can be.  Which means those worms will have to churn more soil because I'm taking a now break.  If I have a bill due, I'll pay it NOW.  If I have an idea I want to write down, I'm doing it NOW.  Something I want to draw, it's happening right NOW.  If there's a meal I want to cook, well, I'll do it as NOW as my surroundings will let me.  I will stop & smell the roses, breathe in the air around me, take in my surroundings - & not just for the usual reason of people watching.  I will see the birds, the bees, the leaves blowing in the autumn wind.  I will smell the sea air that comes up this-a-way every so often.  I will dedicate this moment, & this one, & this one too - to NOW.

I know it sounds cheesy.  I.  Know.  But yah know what?  I don't really care how cheesy it might be.  Because living in the moment is kinda really awesome.  Sure, I have people that get me down (work, ugh), & I have situations in life that aren't the best (hello, still living at home), but I refuse to let these things bother me.  Instead, I will be thankful for a steady paycheck (to pay off those student loans & that lovely car of mine), I will be thankful for a roof over my head, food in my mouf, health insurance, car insurance, an awesome mom, a pretty cool dad, an amazing boyfriend, a couple of rad dogs, friends who don't need Halloween as an excuse to dress up, & so much more it's just ridiculous.  I'm thankful for my tent, & all these awesome places to camp around here.  I'm thankful that I live only 40 minutes from the beach.  I'm thankful that I can take in all these experiences.  I'm thankful for life.  Because no matter what you believe, there's nothing like living right now.  Being here & now, & living for today.  Nothing in the future can be as clear as where we are & what we have right now.  So get to it.  Get to living.  Turn those ideas into something.  Kick that compost heap over & break out the good stuff (sorry for such a smelly analogy).  Go on now!


  1. I hate not living 40 minutes away from the beach!! You know how much that bothers me and it keeps bothering me. If I did not have a job or responsibilities I would be a beach bum.

    Life is a vicious cycle but it is something that is unique to each and every one of us. So weird to think of it that way and to wonder why there is life. Is it some sort of weird experiment?? LOL okay I will keep my conspiracies to myself but I am glad to see a blog post here on your blog.

    1. The Truman Show!! LOL, I kid. Thanks, Ruthy! ♥