Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This may become a new motto here.
Lately I've been hard at work with a new position at my job, with new classes at night, new adventures on the weekends, & with my new love.
Jonathan is more than I could have ever asked for in a man.  I know it's cheesy, & I know I've been here & there in relationships throughout my 20s, but I just couldn't have imagined such peace.  To have something fit just right that you don't even have to try for it.
It's lovely.

With all this new found peace, there's still that leftover clutter.  Life at home, clothes I'll never wear again, paper clutter, art that isn't yet framed, journals that should be stashed - or not, yarn that's over-flowing ... everywhere.  Even though this tranquility has come over me & where I am in life, there's still ALL of that.  There's the fact that I haven't gone camping in well over a year - & it's killing me.  It's just such a silly thing, but it's so terribly necessary for me & my well-being.

& then a good friend of mine introduces me to this book, The Happiness Project.  What do I have to provide to readers, I ask myself.  Well, there's this - inspiration, motivation, the idea that travel is a state of mind & vacations can be as simple as a weekend at your friends house.  That is why I love this blog.

The entire idea behind it is to find my own personal Eden; hopefully while I'm searching for my own - I can inspire some of you as well.  I mean, that's one reason I've fallen in love with blogging & reading blogs, because they inspire.  & with a blog it's not only photos (like on Pinterest) but it's words; words mean so much.  The stories, the lives, the people, the emotions - that's why I love blogging.

So anyway, this Happiness Project is something that's really caught my attention.  While reading it I'll try to put some of her tips into practice.  Her tips are good (you can find them on her blog); they're basically that you should make your own goals, your own resolutions to help you achieve these goals, & that everything eventually leads to the ultimate goal of happiness.  So there that is.
& while I'm at it, here's another little piece of my heart that's made life so lovely lately.

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