Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Wednesday's used to be wordless.  They used to be filled with wisdom - without saying a damn word.  Well, how about this: how about we speak our minds, show our souls, & say what's up?
Today is 12.12.12, & man does that look weird to type out!  We're about to say goodbye to 2012, we're about to spend some of the most fun holidays with the people we love, & we're about to say fuck you Mayans, & have a party.  Yeah, that's happening.  So, what better day than today to tell you all what's going on in life, in love, in the world of Cal.
Lately I've been going nuts on Pinterest & Tumblr - aching for summer, swooning for my summer bod, becoming overly excited about the idea of embracing everything I have.  Being fully grateful for what California gives me.  For having the life I have.  The awesome boyfriend, the cute pups, the good family, friends, life.  So yeah, if you don't follow me on either of those, I suggest you do so ...I'm a repin/repost freak!
Let me share some of my resolutions for the new year.  Some of these are just for keeping up with, or continuing - some are new:
Continue gymming it up, & sing "Forever Young."
School.  Do it.  Get your classes in, & conquer them!
Try a green juice fast.  Then try it again.
Learn to love better.  (It's not that I'm bad at this, but being on my own will help me perfect my skillzzz.)
Start hiking on the weekends again!
Buy less, simplify, spend less, enjoy more.
Get my abs back!
Draw, paint, make, design.  Create.
Host the very first Boardwalk To Eden art show.
Walk more.  If we get this place in downtown Redlands we'll be able to walk pretty much everywhere except to work!

& all around just play more.
Happy 12.12.12 folks!


  1. So yesterday as I was snacking on an embarrassingly large pile of rice cakes smeared with heaps of peanut butter I wandered over to Pinterest, just as you were piling on the fitness inspiration pins! Took me about three seconds to put that stuff down and leave the house for a long and brisk walk! Thank you!