Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Animals have such a strong effect on people.  We relate to them, we personify them, we claim them as spirit animals, we love them.

It seems that whenever I start to lose faith in people, even if it's in the slightest way, I always get some sort of reason to believe that I shouldn't lose that faith.  I gain a new appreciation for human kind, & their kindness.  Even though we turn on each other with such a strong animosity, such ferocious spite, somewhere underneath that pride, that ignorance, is love.  Somewhere, hidden in the strange ways in which each of us were raised, are things that make us tick.  For some it's a rainbow, for some it's a certain song/movie/actor (Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face), for others it's the sight of an injured animal.

When I was growing up we rescued a hurt crow from my front yard.  His wing was broken, but he was young & dumb, so he let us grab him & nurse him back to health.  My best friend tried to pet him once & he nipped at her, she named him Shithead.  I now have a tattoo of a crow/raven on my left arm because for some reason that bird stuck.  I later learned that crows have the largest brain to body ratio of any animal.  They intrigue me, & I will forever protect them.

While in Girl Scouts, we took an overnight trip to Sea World where we slept in the Shark Encounter.  (This was before I became aware of how the animals are treated & became super anti-Sea World.)  We had a pizza party & watched Jaws (this was my first time seeing that movie), afterwards sleeping with the sharks.  (This was before they ruined the Shark Encounter & made it half it's original size).  While trying to fall asleep I kept waking up, only to watch the sharks swimming back & forth to keep the oxygen flowing through their gills.  For some reason this subtle motion kept lulling me back to sleep.  I fell in love with sharks that night, making them one of my favorite animals.

This morning on my way to work I heard on the news that one exit before the one I'm supposed to take on the freeway was backed up due to a dog stuck in traffic.  Of course, I didn't know how to react.  This has happened before here on the California freeways, but usually the dog finds his way to safety.  Traffic began backing up an exit before the one they said the dog was at.  As I approached the stopped traffic I saw that a couple of people (probably not in a hurry to work), had stopped their cars, closing two lanes, & were on their phones, on the freeway, standing near the dog who was laying on the freeway - scared, possibly hurt, & soon to be in safety.  I love dogs.  I especially love boxers.  & I always feel for breeds that are thought to be mean dogs, or vicious animals.  Every dog is its own due to how it's been raised.  These people took the time to close down two lanes, calm the dog, & find it help.  My faith in humanity was renewed.

Now why on earth can't we show each other the same kindness we'd show for an injured, scared, lost animal?

I heard once that we should treat ourselves & others with the kindness you'd show a 3 year old.  How do you treat children compared to adults?  Don't we all have the same sensitivities?  Can't we give out a little compassion & help the inner 3 year old in everyone?  I think that'd make a huge difference in the way things are.  I believe that a little compassion goes a long way.  Maybe we should treat people with the kindness we'd show a lost animal ... that is, if you're an animal lover.  I suppose things will be okay eventually, but it would just be awesome to see more random acts of kindness on the news; to renew everyone's faith in humanity, in this world we live in.

Be kind, & have a great Tuesday.  ♥

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  1. Beautiful thoughts. I loved the story of the crow (though I originally read it as 'cow' and was confused, haha). I think we could all benefit from more kindness, and I think it's wonderful how you devoted are to animals. :)