Friday, March 1, 2013

Recently Jonathan & I jumped on the juicing bandwagon.  The perks are just too good to pass up:  good calories without the chewy fiber of simply blending the fruits & veggies, the vitamins - oh, the vitamins, flavors you'd never thought you'd become addicted to, & the ability to pack it all up in mason jars & take it with you wherever you go.  I cannot tell you enough how in love with the idea of juicing I am.  If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you'll know how into this I am & have probably seen all the posts on this subject alone.

Anyway, here's a sample of how that looks on the day to day.  The varieties are endless, the flavors are just ... wow!  If you have any juicing stories, or recipes please share in the comments!  Have a great weekend!

If you want more info on the benefits of juicing, check out Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead on Netflix.  Also, Breville shared this book of juice recipes for getting started.  Enjoy!


  1. I just got a juicer and need to start using it. I started reading the beauty detox and good lord has it opened my eyes to the crap I have been putting in my body. I need to watch fat sick and nearly dead too. I wish more people were educated on the food they are eating! Good job with the juicing and being healthy!

    1. Thanks! I really wish more people were interested in what it is they're doing to their bodies. I'll have to check out The Beauty Detox.