Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring must be near.

Lately I've been feeling a strong sense of inspiration.  This feeling has been focused on cleaning, organizing, getting rid of clutter, on getting healthy & fit, but also on style.  I've been so inspired to focus my personal style.  To get my wardrobe to a point where everything fits, matches, & works with each other.

While getting back into blogging, I want to make my life fit a certain standard I hold for myself.  It's not that I want perfection, but inspiration in every day.

During lunch today I went on a walk around the industrial block we work on.  This entire city is built on industrial manufacturing.  The king of which, is the California Speedway ... surrounded by impoverished homes filled with dreamers, lovers, & doers.  As I was on this walk, backed by the noise of a passing freight train, the grinding of steel being cut, & the beeping of a forklift backing up, I stopped to pick up a roly poly.  As it crawled around on my hand, I was struck.  This was my childhood in a pure moment.  Something about this little pill bug brought back the sense of wonder that comes with being a kid on summer break.  While putting it back in the grass, I picked a dandelion that had gone to seed - & I made a wish.

I wished for everything I've ever wanted in life - beauty, truth, happiness, inspiration, wonder, simplicity, & excited anticipation.  More importantly, I wished for this for everyone.

This is probably why I love the art of blogging.  By combining the written word with imagery, music, & inspiration, you are able to bring a specific mood to your blog.  You can maintain an atmosphere based on your content.  By being yourself, you are gaining an audience, readers, friends.

So, after all that rambling, I'd just like to thank you for stopping by my little place of inspiration.  Thanks for listening, & for being a friend - even if for a single post.

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