Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Here in sunny Southern California it's about that time where we get our perpetual Summertime.  It's pretty awesome if you ask me, although I know some people who would object, roll up their windows, crank the a/c, & hide from life for most of the year.  I love the element, I embrace them, & I can't get enough of our dry Southwest heat.  Sometimes I even follow the lead of lizards & lay out on the cement with a nice towel barrier to soak up the sun without burning my back.  It's amazing ... as long as I remember the sunblock.  A burnt Cal is not a happy Cal.

Spending so much time outside has me for a bit of a loss of words.  But I would like to share one thing with you; from my childhood, this is, & has been, the pinnacle of my Summertime world.  Please enjoy some dreamy, Muppet-filled music:


  1. I sang this in choir in high school.

  2. I never even knew it was a real non-Muppet song as a kid!