Wednesday, June 12, 2013


So, I was going to jump onto Photoshop last night & play with the border around that round image to the right here that is my head shot for the blog.  I was going to match it with some fancy scribbles around the name Boardwalk To Eden ... but instead I found myself eating a fine meal of lavosh pizza, home made whiskey sours, & becoming even more obsessed with fashion & interior design while watching hours of Mad Men.  

(Nice crotch-shot, Cal.)
The newest piece of clothing outside of my comfort zone are those tribal print, teal & black, harem pants.  I love that they're not overly Hammer pants looking, & that the drop crotch doesn't hit my knees.  I absolutely love that I now have a pair of stretchy pants that I can wear to work & pass off as work-appropriate.  &, like usual, I just have to have anything tribal.  (I think my Bueno key necklace goes pretty well with it, too!)  The Bueno sisters are opening shop again this weekend with new necklace designs, & new rings (which I have to have!) - I can't wait to see what they've come up with!

In the world of home design, I've been obsessed with Mid Century Modern before it was a thing.  After graduating high school, I was able to attend 3 years at art school, & even though I left before graduating, I gained a keen eye for textures, patterns, colors, & simple, elegant lines.  With the idea of green design planted in my head (along with my fond love of both nature & antiquing), I was enamored with the look, style, & feel of Mid Century Modern.  Enamored, because honestly, at 19 years old how was I supposed to afford anything near that style of furniture?  Learning all about Eames, Herman Miller, Greene & Greene, & Frank Lloyd Wright added even more to this lust over good design.

I think it's odd that I've never mentioned my background in either design or the concept of green on this blog before.

Anywho, my academic director introduced me to Biomimicry.  She got me into the style of design that makes you want to use old before new.  We went to the Gamble House, we visited the Hollyhock House, & while in Barcelona, we saw original Barcelona chairs!  The school itself was just down the street from a Room & Board, which enabled us to see these historically modern pieces of furniture in person.  This is the stuff you'll see at Ikea or Anthropologie now.  This is what we were taught was good design.  & with her influence of both green design, & reusing the old, I became obsessed with the concept of green.  That idea of saving this planet's resources, which will save the planet, while providing aesthetically pleasing design to clients.

It's why I blog.  It's why I'm now majoring in Environmental Studies, & it's why I just can't escape the want for minimalism.  I guess when anyone goes to art school, they come out as perfectionists in one way or another.  Explaining this is so hard.  Making people understand why my standards for fashion, beauty, & home design are so high is frustrating.  I don't want to sound like a know it all, but I wan't to inform people of what I know.

I guess this is why I've never mentioned it here before.

Good design is everywhere.  Know that.  Also, know that you can create beauty with the simplest of things.  You don't need millions to make a house a home.  All you need is a keen eye, & the ability to know what you like.  This is the same with fashion.

So, I guess I better take my own advise.  Soon, I'll be updating this space to be a little more "me," while still being a minimalist's dream.

I'll also have updates on making my own house a home.  On how I've gotten my closet down to just a few items that all work together.  On how I pack for a trip (pairing & sharing!).  & how my obsession with makeup has grown larger, instead of smaller (which sort of contradicts the minimalist thing...).

Now, please enjoy this song about society, which reflects my own ideas of "things."  ♥

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


So, I've been pondering for quite some time at the idea of this blog - where it's going, what it's doing, & why I'm still at it.  Why I just can't quit you!

The fact that I watch YouTube videos relentlessly now might have something to do with my lack of posting, lack of inspiration from other blogs, & lack of good blog parenting, if you will.

I want to get back to basics here.  I'd like to introduce myself from the beginning, again.  & I'd like to tell my story.

(I've also finally got around to getting on Bloglovin!)

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Videos like this inspire me SO much, it's just ridiculous.  All of a sudden I'm highly attracted to makeup videos, clothing hauls, ridiculous amounts of consumerism & beauty.  I just love it all!

I'd like to start networking again.  I'd like to get back to a sponsored blog where my posts are about more than just life & journal entries.  I'd like to host an art journaling class.  Or maybe start doing vlogs every so often.  A pretty background, & some fun content could go a long way!

I want to meet people through blogging again, create connections, create a space for more creativity.

Up next:

I'm going to do a 50 Facts About Me post.  I'm not sure if that will just be a written post, or a vlog, or some sort of photo/word combo - but it'll be here, & it'll be paired with a new look.  A more me style, & a perfectly genuine desire to get this blog going!

Thanks for sticking through it all.  It's like I've been trying to navigate my life while walking in mud ... does that make sense?  It's what it feels like.

Anywho!  Have a great day lovies, & I can't wait to be back on here really soon!