Tuesday, April 15, 2014


My favorite local getaway is the San Bernardino National Forest.  The woods there are expansive, & it's close enough that I don't even have to jump on a freeway to get there from Redlands!  Fresh air always does me good, especially if I hadn't traveled anywhere for a while.  Road trips, even plane trips, & camping trips are my favorite - but a good old fashioned hike in the woods on the weekend will always rejuvenate me for week ahead.

Our favorite place to hike in the forest is on the South Fork Meadows trailhead.  For now, we've been doing short hikes to Horse Meadows - the first significant marker of a completed hike - but eventually my mom & I would like to get to where we can hike to the summit in a day!  I love taking the dogs with us, though - so for now we're sticking to the easy day hikes.  Turbo doesn't do very well with long lengths, but he won't stop pulling once he smells that we're heading back.  Gozer is like an energizer bunny & just LOVES to go for a hike, as you'll see ahead.

Haha!  "Mom, no pictures!!" - Turbo

I think Turbo's favorite part of the hike is the snack/water break at the top of the trail before we head back.  As you can see by my splotched-up, freckled face, I'm really out of shape.  Getting caught up in the doldrums of life has gotten the best of my physicality, & I've gotten soft.  Like, fluffy...  

Of course, it didn't happen suddenly, but when you're 5'9", it takes a while to see the weight building up on a body that has so much room!  Even now, I'm not terribly big, I just have a nice layer of stuffing all over that needs to come off.  Hiking is my favorite way to do this, but it's not very effective... Due to my crazy schedule & inability to know when I'll have time in the day, an at-home workout is easier for me to fill in when I don't plan for the gym in the morning.  Because of this, & because of my rad friend Bradee becoming a Beach Body coach, I've signed up for the 21 Day Fix program, which includes 6 workouts (including yoga!), an eating plan with containers for portion control, & Shakeology!  

Phew, that was a mouth-full!  Basically, I start this program on April 28th, & I cannot wait to get back into the fitness grove of things!  I miss having a set gym schedule, but being in school & work both full time makes that difficult to swing.  

Have any of you tried this program, or at least Shakeology?  

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love your hiking pictures! My husband and I backpacked this trail last summer and had a blast!