Monday, April 14, 2014


It's a rare, yet beautiful mind that appreciates the soulful music of First Aid Kit.  I cannot tell you when I first began listening to these two Swedish sisters sing, & I'll never look back.  Poetic, philosophical, free-spirited, & cool, these two put the spirit of the West into the tonality of the North.  With dreamlike wonder, their newest album speaks to the vagabond in all of us.  I am so stoked to grab this one up on vinyl & play it on repeat!  Take a look at their trailer for Stay Gold, & check out some tour dates & Soundcloud snippets over at Pitchfork.

Growing up listening to a fair amount of classic rock & bluegrass, I came to love the likes of John Denver, Joni Mitchell, & even Bob Dylan - if not for his voice, for his poetry.  Music has always been such a strong driving force in my life - inspiring, soothing, hyping, & comforting.

Lately music has even stemmed a sort of artistic revival in me.  I've been writing more, trying to draw whenever I can, & even thinking of how I can make this blog something real again.  Enough pondering, it's time to DO this.

Welcome to my Boardwalk To Eden!

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