Monday, October 27, 2014


Now that I've officially "come out" as a college drop out, I'll have plenty of time to get back into the outdoors world: hiking, camping, fishing, climbing, even doing yoga for maintenance.  Having a solid base of knowledge from doing this my entire life is helpful, but also having friends around that are interested in coming along with me makes this journey so much more fun than I'd ever think it could be.  

For my first hike since rebooting, my mom & I went on a short hike up to Horse Meadows from the South Fork Trail Head in the San Gorgonio Wilderness. This was an easy 3.2 mile hike, nearing & passing 7,000ft elevation.  Getting used to hiking at this altitude will be the best way to train since most of the hiking we do is past 7,000ft at some point.  

Even in Southern California, Autumn makes a timid appearance in the oaks.  It was fun crunching through the leaves for most of the hike.

When you arrive at Horse Meadows there are a few picnic tables for resting at, an information wall on a cabin, & another older cabin that we always like to explore.  This is the top of the hike if you're only going this far, or it's a good resting point to go on to the top of Poop Out Hill, up to South Fork Meadows, to the saddle, or all the way to the top of San Gorgonio.  We backpacked to the top when I was little, but a few years back we were hiking all the way to the saddle in one go!

Even on a day hike, going into the wilderness with nothing is never a good idea.  I use my Dakine backpack to stuff everything in, including my camera.  It has all the necessary capacity, & hip & chest straps.  Padded hip straps are a life saver for getting the weight of your pack off your shoulders.
From the top left: REI Traverse trekking poles, sweatshirt, water & extra water, Dakine backpack, first aid kit, Burt's Bees chapstick, aspirin, snake-bite kit, moleskin, LifeStraw water filter, Clif blocks, bar, electrolytes, & shot, Timex watch, compass, flashlight, sunglasses, emergency blanket, & a UV Buff half-headband.  Not pictured, map of the area to use with the compass, just in case.

I decided to make monthly goals since we'll only be hiking on the weekends.  By next month I want to hike to the top of Poop Out Hill.  Past that you need a wilderness permit, so our hikes will get lengthy real fast.  For Winter, we're planning on exploring more of the desert, the Orange County range - including Santiago Peak, & Santa Rosa Plateau.  Stay tuned!  & thanks for stopping by!

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