Tuesday, October 28, 2014

TUNES | Mountain Man

Aside from the great outdoors, I have many other passions - one of these being music.

For me, music serves as a soundtrack to my life.  I listen to a lot of folksy stuff like First Aid Kit, The Staves, Fleet Foxes, The Head & The Heart, Of Monsters & Men, Avett Brothers, & Bowerbirds - but I also like a lot of music that doesn't fit that genre.  I also love finding smaller, lesser known artists that have that little something.  This is what I'll be sharing here on Tuesdays - not the bands you know or the songs you love, but the little guys.  So, here's Mountain Man, harmonizing like the sirens of mythology.

Speaking of the little guys, Jonathan & I are heading to the Glass House in Pomona tonight to see his former college pall, Robert DeLong do his thing - which just so happens to be getting pretty damn big.  His song, Perfect, is my personal favorite.  Even though it's outside what I'd normally listen to, it's rad to see someone doing so well!

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