Tuesday, October 21, 2014

WELCOME TO 29 // "It opens at the close"

In three days I will have been 29 for almost a month now.  It's not 30, it's not 21, it's not 18.  There's nothing particularly special about turning 29 besides the fact that it will officially be my last year as a 20-something.  Another perspective is that Jonathan turned 33 today, happy birthday, Husband!  

Yesterday was a huge day for me as a semi-fresh 29 year old.  I made a HUGE life choice that will affect my future forever, & I couldn't be more happy, excited, pumped, filled with kinetic energy that is just aching to explode.  With this decision I have some big BIG plans, & some major life shifts that will make 29 a pretty epic year.  So, instead of looking back at 28, I've decided to move forward, plan well for now & forever, & to share what's going on.
After a minor existential crisis that may have been witnessed on Twitter, I had a meeting with my dad, aka boss-man extraordinaire.  During this crisis, I spoke to some friends about how school just isn't my jam.  It's not that I don't like school - I love it - it's just the idea that I never had any plans to use my college degree for a career, so why am I going to put myself into that sort of debt?  Honestly.  I looked back at a conversation I had with Tiffiny Costello earlier this year about this very subject, & even made plans to meet up with my beloved Kam next week to ask her for some blogging advice & such.  Like I said, this is going to be a BIG year.  When my dad/boss-man decided to have a meeting with me, it sealed the deal.  Yesterday at around 4:30pm, I decided to quit school ... forever.  Hello, my name is Cal, & I'm a college dropout.

What this means for me & my future is that I will a) be working more hours during the week, & therefore making more money b) weekends will be free from homework & open for mini-adventures & c) weeknights will no longer be filled with homework.  Instead I will have more time for blogging the adventures I have, learning to edit the pictures I take to my liking, & eventually learning how to capture time-lapse videography!  Gah, I'm so excited!  With so many playgrounds so near to home in Southern California, I will have so many opportunities for adventures both big & small.  

BTW, aren't all of JK Rowling's quotes from Harry Potter so relevant?  "It opens at the close."  The ending to my 20s is totally an awesome new beginning.  I'm stoked!

As you can tell, I'm ridiculously excited by this.  I hope you all stick with me for a bit, because soon enough, this blog of mine is going to look really fun!

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