Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday's Finds | WIT & DELIGHT

Throughout the week, I tend to collect stories, items, & little pieces of info that I find particularly delightful - sometimes witty.  I decided that on Friday's I'll share some of my favorites with the world.

I've been crazy on my Library Pinterest board, lately.  It's so much fun to look at photos of libraries & pretend that I'm snuggling in a room with books, a big comfy chair, & a fireplace.  Like the Gryffindor commonroom - I want that.

I recently purchased this Hunker Down With Me banner.  It's such a cozy addition to the gallery wall I'm putting together behind my sofa.

These Cornbread Waffles with Chili look too good to be true - let's hope they aren't!  I'd also go for the same idea with a potato waffle, but who are we kidding, just put the chili on a potato & I'll be happy.

There is an awesome blogger who Hasn't Made Trash in 2 Years, the article describes what her life is like.  If you click over to her blog you can read more about why she chose to lead a zero carbon footprint life - it's such an admirable thing, she's doing!

Speaking of footprints, these black slipper from Coclico are ridiculously perfect.  I am so in love, but at $325 we're going to have to remind future me to buy these for myself.

In the realm of wit, we have this article that describes What Your Wine Choice Says About You.  My favorite description (not wine) is Moscato: "I wanna get a little drunk, but I also want cupcakes."

This Oversized Reversible Vegan Leather Tote may of may not be sitting right next to me as I type.  I'm in love with this bag.  It holds ALL OF THE BOOKS!  I feel like it may have Hermione's extension charm, it's so deep.  I'm still able to find all of my things thanks to my Key-Per Triple Pouch set from Fossil.

Lastly, I've blown through two books this week.  Amy Poehler's Yes Please, & The Wild Truth, by Carine McCandless.  The first is such an inspiring, fun read!  Amy's wit is especially charming in her wonderful writing.  The second is tragic, but it sheds some light onto what really went on in the family of Chris McCandless from Into The Wild.


+Edit:  I clicked away after finishing this post & immediately stumbled upon The 33 Most Joyous Things That Have Ever Happened, & felt that I just HAD to share it here.  Enjoy!


  1. Blerg. Typed a comment but wasn't logged in, so unsure if it went through.

    1. Guess not! Love the tote bag- LOVE THAT IT HOLDS ALL THE BOOKS! And saw the 22 most joyous things on facebook earlier. My heart pretty much ceased when I was scrolling. :)