Wednesday, December 17, 2014


As we're not the average couple, our honeymoon was far from average.  Besides the fact that I actually conversed with my mom & friends via text on occasion (blasphemy!), we also decided to rent a campervan from Escape Campervans in Los Angeles & trek our way up Highway 1, aka the Pacific Coast Highway, now known as the Pacific Yost Highway - as that's our last name - see what we did there?

It was an all around amazing adventure that sadly lasted only 10 days.  We stopped at Fernwood Resort to camp at Big Sur our first night, passed over the Bixby Creek Bridge to head up to Russian River Brewing Co. & grab ourselves a growler of Pliny The Elder.  Getting caught in the rain, we stopped off at a campsite in which I can't remember the name.  We made sure to look up State Park campsites due to them being unmanned, yet open, in the off season.  This allowed us to avoid Walmart camping, & introduced Jonathan to The Iron Ranger.  Once we were out of the rain, we were also back on the coast, passing through Eureka, & Redwood State & National Parks (which was supposed to be our second night, damn rain).  From there, we headed to Portland to hang out with some friends for a couple days, & get some good food in us.  As we couldn't find the Potato Champion cart, we ended up eating at Big Ass Sandwiches & do not regret one bite.  Oh-my-cheese covered potatoes!  On our way down, we found a hole-in-the-wall Thai place in Oregon, & then hit the BIG STORM in Northern California.  We camped during the storm at Castle Crags State Park (which we didn't see any of), & passed through Redding (which is NOT Redlands) for breakfast.  In Sacramento we ended up going to an amazing soup place for lunch with some friends, which was so perfect for that rainy day.  That evening, we had Burgers & Brew with some amazing people we've adventured with before, & then headed on our merry way to spend two nights at Pigeon Point Lighthouse.  Those two days were filled with hours of lounging, grabbing a bite over at Highway 1 Brewing (get the French Mexican War, a French saison with jalapenos!), & meeting the rad folks (& dog!) at Pie Ranch.  Our last two nights were spent at Hobson Beach Park in Ventura, where we were finally able to grill & partake in a healthy amount of s'mores eating.

Coming home was a sad song.  We didn't want to give the van back, & just HAD to find a way to make this sort of adventuring a part of our daily routine.  Enter Russell, aka #RangerRussell, a super legit wilderness explorer!  He's a 1998 Ford Econoline E150 with a 5.4L V8 engine that gets at best 235hp, & 20mpg.  All we have to do now is come up with a solid plan, & turn him into our dream campervan!

UP NEXT:  A list of some of the #WeekendWarrior adventures we're planning for the next year!

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