Tuesday, December 30, 2014

#WeekendWarrior | + PCH PHOTOS

Our honeymoon earlier this month sparked something in Jonathan & I that had been put to rest with all the hubbub of the wedding, school, buying a new house, & all that life stuff.  What awakened within us both, was our intense sense of adventure, & a "Why aren't we doing this more often?!" outlook.

With Jonathan's camera upgrade, we got some pretty stellar (literally) shots on this trip!  This one from Pigeon Point Lighthouse is my favorite.  Staying at this lighthouse-turned-hostel throughout the years has been only purely amazing.  It's one of my favorite places on earth, & Jonathan's nighttime capture of it makes me only love it even more.  I am SO glad we were able to spend two nights of our honeymoon there!

In order to keep this inspiration going, we're going to have to go on a lot of mini trips this next year.  While places like Joshua Tree & Yosemite are almost a given for us Californians (especially for me & my Muir-loving self), some not so commonplace #WeekendWarrior adventures will have to be thrown into the mix as well.

Simple hiking days at Santa Rosa Plateau, & other local trails will fill in the gaps when we don't have the time to take even the closest of weekend trips.  Sometimes, a day-hike will suffice.  One thing I'd love to do soon is to visit the San Bernardino National Forest in the Winter.  The National Forest backs up to my parent's cabin (Tranquility Base) where we were married, but it's also home to my most-frequented trails.  It's not just the proximity to home that has me going back to these trails, either - they're like little slices of heaven, right up the road.

Once we hit the same-old spots, there will be a lot of adventuring that Jonathan will get to experience with me on my first-go as well.  Some short weekend trips, like Sequoia & King's Canyon National Park, & the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest will be firsts for me, while others, like Devils Postpile will be opportunities for me to show him the wilderness I know & love.

While we might skip around here & there with roadtrips in Russel (our campervan) this next year, the two places I'd love to get to, that I've never been to, are Arches National Park, & Grand Canyon National Park.  This will give us the chance for some longer drives in Russel, & the ability to get some more stellar (literally) night shots!

To step up our night-photography game, we're taking a few tips from Andy Best's post on Outside Magazine, getting some inspiration from The Department of the Interior's Instagram, & planning on getting our hands on one of these travel tripods by MeFoto.

This is the part where I wave goodbye to 2014, & usher in 2015 with aspirations for more adventures, more miles, more photos, & a whole lot of gratitude!

See you next year!