Tuesday, April 15, 2014


My favorite local getaway is the San Bernardino National Forest.  The woods there are expansive, & it's close enough that I don't even have to jump on a freeway to get there from Redlands!  Fresh air always does me good, especially if I hadn't traveled anywhere for a while.  Road trips, even plane trips, & camping trips are my favorite - but a good old fashioned hike in the woods on the weekend will always rejuvenate me for week ahead.

Our favorite place to hike in the forest is on the South Fork Meadows trailhead.  For now, we've been doing short hikes to Horse Meadows - the first significant marker of a completed hike - but eventually my mom & I would like to get to where we can hike to the summit in a day!  I love taking the dogs with us, though - so for now we're sticking to the easy day hikes.  Turbo doesn't do very well with long lengths, but he won't stop pulling once he smells that we're heading back.  Gozer is like an energizer bunny & just LOVES to go for a hike, as you'll see ahead.

Monday, April 14, 2014


It's a rare, yet beautiful mind that appreciates the soulful music of First Aid Kit.  I cannot tell you when I first began listening to these two Swedish sisters sing, & I'll never look back.  Poetic, philosophical, free-spirited, & cool, these two put the spirit of the West into the tonality of the North.  With dreamlike wonder, their newest album speaks to the vagabond in all of us.  I am so stoked to grab this one up on vinyl & play it on repeat!  Take a look at their trailer for Stay Gold, & check out some tour dates & Soundcloud snippets over at Pitchfork.

Growing up listening to a fair amount of classic rock & bluegrass, I came to love the likes of John Denver, Joni Mitchell, & even Bob Dylan - if not for his voice, for his poetry.  Music has always been such a strong driving force in my life - inspiring, soothing, hyping, & comforting.

Lately music has even stemmed a sort of artistic revival in me.  I've been writing more, trying to draw whenever I can, & even thinking of how I can make this blog something real again.  Enough pondering, it's time to DO this.

Welcome to my Boardwalk To Eden!