Tuesday, May 26, 2015

CAMP VIBES | Barton Flats to Tranquility Base

A few weekends ago, we headed up to the mountains with some friends for a short camping adventure.  This was our first time taking Russell (the van) out to sleep-camp, and the weather was not really what we had expected for night.  We're taking him up to Big Sur next weekend for our friend's wedding, and hopefully making curtains at some point this week to cut down on the nighttime cold.  We'll see if that helps at all because man oh man were we cold that first night in the van!

After the first night camping, we woke up to the roar of a family in fully decked out tents setting up breakfast right next to us.  They had generators, random dubstep music blasting, and electric chain saws to cut down trees for wood, which a) wouldn't work because the wood has to dry, and b) is illegal.  It was a pretty ridiculous sight and we weren't up for dealing with them for an extended weekend, so we took our party 20 minutes further into the mountains to my parent's cabin where we could camp or stay inside that night.

We set up our chairs around a portable fire pit, roasted marshmallows, and listened to the sound of coyotes in the National Forest behind us.  It was quieter, more convenient, and cheaper than moving to another campsite.  Since my parent's are in the middle of redoing their kitchen in the cabin, we used our camp stove and the grill to cook all of our food.  It's also nice to have a fence around us so the dogs can go off leash, because somehow every time we take Turbo camping he wiggles out of his harness.

The weekend ended up being a success despite our quick relocation.  We hiked in the forest behind the cabin, made plenty of camp coffee with our AeroPress, lounged in hammocks wearing our Poler Napsacks, threw throwing-knives, and got some pretty awesome star shots thanks to our new MeFOTO RoadTrip Tripod.

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