Friday, May 22, 2015


I'm super excited to announce that I've been graciously featured over at my friend's amazing women's magazine, Lumen.  This is something she's been working long and hard on, so to be able to take part in this with her is just such an amazing opportunity.  Please, head on over to to check out my piece on The Art of Unplugging:

"More and more, people count on their phones for much of their livelihood: creating the perfect playlist to their lives, finding directions to wherever they’re going, keeping track of how many calories they’re consuming, maintaining some sort of connection to what used to be real life friendships, measuring their worth in steps walked per day.

When I unplug, I can breathe easier knowing that life is going on and that everything will be there for me to catch up on when I’m ready. 

Life becomes simple, it becomes important, it slows down, and it allows you to see that all that stuff online can wait, because what really matters is sitting right next to you on the couch."

For more info and super-rad writings, you can follow Lumen:




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