Tuesday, August 4, 2015

FRIENDS | Big Sur #OurBigBigLove and San Simeon State Park

When friends get married a magical thing happens—people come together in laughter, food, drink, experience, and love.

Some good friends of ours recently got married at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park on a perfect early summer day.  They were staying at the Big Sur Lodge, which is off the same road and rests, hidden, inside of the state park.  It was a small, beautiful wedding hidden in the oaks of the park near one of the many perfectly placed creeks.  All I can really say about a wedding like this is that it's like magic.

The night before, Jonathan and I drove up to San Simeon to camp at San Simeon State Park.  The campgrounds are on the other side of Highway 1, but there is a boardwalk that goes under the highway and leads to the beach, which is a few miles south of the one where the elephant seals go to to mate and molt.  We parked Ranger Russell, threw up some hammocks, roasted some killer kabobs, drank some pretty stellar Basecamp Brews from aluminum bottles designed for camping, and walked out to the beach to watch the sun set.  It was an early morning the next day, so we slept fairly early after that and decided that the next order of business for Russell is definitely curtains.  Getting ready for a wedding in a van is hard enough as it is—curtains would have helped a lot!

On our way up to Big Sur for the wedding we spotted the amazing San Simeon beach, which is a seasonal home to elephant seals.  Being on a time limit, we didn't make too many other stops, but witnesses that lovely wedding was worth the rush.  I'm so happy for the bride and groom and their amazing life together.

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