Wednesday, October 7, 2015


There comes a time in everyone's lives when things come full circle.  In many ways, the end of this year and the whole turning 30 thing have allowed me to question who I really am and why I do the things I do.  I have worked this office job for some time now, and when I first started working here in 2008 I decided that my extra time could be used to help me expand as a blogger.  As life changed with different influences and circumstances, I lost myself in others.  The emergence of adventure blogging as a huge thing caught my curiosity and my wanderlust fell in love—the only problem, which is a pretty big problem to have, is that I have this 9-5 job still.  I finished my general education at college, decided to drop out as soon as I transferred because scary, but have since (in the span of the last year) reassessed my choices and found that in order to spark my curiosities and keep my whimsy and my creativity alive, I must continue to learn and work towards my goals.  With my (hopefully) eventual degree in Library Science I can not only become a librarian, but I can also look into being a curator at museums and all sorts of scientific libraries as well as simply my first love—books.

With this emerging thought came the fact that this is what I've always loved to do.  From a young age I loved books and bugs, rocks and plants, animals and all sorts of odd collections.  I loved playing dress-up, and with this whole adventure blogging thing, dressing up sort of isn't an option.  Here I am, now, wanting to re-embrace the skirt, the tight, the shoes!  I am ready to relearn how to do my hair and makeup and be that girl who first began to blog in the hopes of sharing a story, inspiring others, and keeping herself interested.  If you have an audience to write to, you're more likely to do things worth writing about.

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do exactly, or write about ... but I do have a house that I'm slowly fixing up.  The photo of the cactus garden is from a recent trip to the Jurupa Mountains Cultural Center which has an enormous nursery, a rad rock shop, and really awesome children's programs where they can learn how to dig up rocks, crack them open, tumble them, and identify the type of mineral it is.  Not only that, but they have some pretty cool and creepy dinosaur sculptures.  Look for the woolly mammoth on the hill north of the 60frwy near Pedly in Southern California.  The top photo was from a recent trip to Oak Glen, Southern California's local "everything apples."  For the season, they have some deer in a feeding pen, and there are stands with apple cider and all sorts of crafts lining the town.  We wandered into a little cavernous animal museum filled with bad taxidermy, live reptiles and rodents, and a few friendly parrots in the gift shop area.  These are some of the things I like to do.  I enjoy the natural world, I am amused by knickknacks, and I really dig a good road trip.

I hope you stick around for a bit to read some more of my adventures and what I've been up to.  I don't want to promise anything, but I'm sure there will be a few outfit posts in my future, some bike riding, adventuring, and hopefully a bit of fitness motivation.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. YES! This makes me so happy! I will be graduating with my Master's in Library and Information Science in December. It's been A LOT of work, but it's such a rewarding profession. If you ever want to chat more about it, feel free to email me. I could seriously talk about libraries and museums all day. :) Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I'll definitely keep this in mind. =)