Wednesday, November 18, 2015

FIRMOO | The Story of a Blind Girl

I first found out that I had pretty poor eyesight when I was about to join the Girl Scouts in the 4th grade.  They had me do an eye test, the standard wall eye test with letters that go from large to small as you read down, and I'm not sure how bad my sight was then, but now I can barely read that top line. 

Before taking this test and my mom finding out that I was severely in need of glasses I had some specific things happen that were huge hints to this fact.  My mom would point to a V of geese flying above us as we were driving and I would say that I couldn't see it—she wouldn't believe me.  One time, we were picking up my dad from the airport and I mistakenly thought another man was him...I'm not sure I ever fessed up to that out of embarrassment!  I was that kid who always asked to sit in the front of the classroom, especially if the teacher was using a yellow marker.  (What sort of monster uses a yellow marker on a whiteboard?!)
The first few years of wearing glasses were hard.  I not only loathed the horrible so-called "style" of eyewear at the time, but I also longed for the day when I could wear contacts.  Back in the '90s the eyeglass style of the moment were these horrible oval frames that didn't complement anyone's face shape.  They were small, giving you limited visual range, and they were just really dorky to an elementary and middle-schooler.  

It wasn't until high school when black frames made their comeback.  It began with rectangles and slowly, thanks to Weezer, wayfarers came back into style.  At this time I could also use contacts, and did so regularly, not only because of the dork-factor, but also because of the fact that I was in marching band and therefore was outside practicing most days.  Since high school, I've slowly grown accustom to wearing glasses on the daily.  The only time I really feel the need for contacts is while swimming, diving, or hiking. 
 Nowadays, I'm constantly in a search to find fun glasses to put a little bit of flare into my outfits.  I've got a general tomboy style, so finding glasses with a rad, classic style in fun colors is my sweet spot.  These so-called purple glasses from hit that sweet spot on the nose.  They've got that classic wayfarer style with a rosey, almost maroon color to them.  I love wearing them because when the light shines through it's as if I'm really seeing through rose-colored glasses.  
Shopping for glasses online is really as easy as uploading a good front-facing photo of yourself to their site, and virtually trying on different frames. If you remember the general size and shape that works on your face, it'll make picking frames that much easier. As for prescription, well, I have pretty bad vision and have to get the thinnest lenses possible. For just about $60 you can get lenses as thin and clear as you would for hundreds of dollars from your eye doctor's.

If you're interested in trying out a new online glasses company, head on over to for the latest promos and top picks. If you go to the page "Daily New" you can find the frames that were added that day, and if you've never shopped with Firmoo before, head over to their 15% off page: to get a coupon code for your first pair.


  1. Your glasses look great on you! My husband would love this service, he might be the laziest or busiest man on this planet ( I think laziest), this seems so convenient!

    1. I'm about the laziest there is concerning buying glasses so I can see. ha! This site is super convenient and they have a ton of frames to choose from. Good luck!