Tuesday, February 2, 2016


“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.”

― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

There is something magical and untouched about the world of words.  Whenever I come to this blog to write out my thoughts or feelings―to tell a fictional story, or one of what I have done recently, I come with a certain style.  I want to sound a certain way, say words that make me seem both intelligent and unpretentious.  I want to write with a carefree attitude―making myself and my life both seem light and interesting.  These things can be done with certain inflections, specific wordings, and a particular tone.  But let me be clear, I am all of these things and more.  I am, like most people, multifaceted.  

Some of my favorite things include rainy days spent under blankets, sipping tea, reading a good book or watching Gilmore Girls or Harry Potter; going on a road trip while wearing clunky boots, ready for any adventure, hike, camping trip, or excursion that would come my way; traveling to Europe or any big city for that matter, and visiting museums, famous places, castles, cathedrals; decorating houses; gardening and eating the food I've grown; yoga, and all that hippie-dippie stuff that comes along with it: crystals, teas, incense, salt lamps, sage.  I enjoy all of these things to some degree, equally.  And I think, with most people this is a strong case.  

Because of social media and blogs or Instagrams dedicated to one thing, we think that continuity is key.  Most accounts look like similar photos, in different places, at different times, posted over and over again.  There is a lack of real life when someone only shares what they want their account to look like.  Yes, I love to go camping and take glorious photos of scenery, but I also love reading and ogling books, perusing bookstores.  

With this sort of single-faceted persona or feed comes a lack of realistic qualities.  What do these people do for a living to fuel said adventures?  What do they do when they're not hiking or rock climbing?  It creates a sort of unobtainable, unrealistic sense of self.  You get trapped looking at these bloggers who do this for a living and want to do just that.  Why can't we all be adventure photographers?!  

Soon enough, life has to happen, careers have to be built, and reality has to be faced.  But the thing is, reality isn't so bad after all.  There are books to read, adventures to go on, and also goals and achievements to be met. 

For me, getting a college degree has been the weirdest and most difficult thing.  I've traveled all over, I've taken the photos, camped at the places, and seen the museums―now I need to earn the degree and start the career, the life I've always wanted yet never had the courage to face.  Because honestly, getting a degree and starting an adult life is fucking scary.  Sure, getting married and buying a house are easy, but a degree and what comes after that ... now that is the part of multifaceted me that I haven't dared to face.  But I guess it's now or never, right?

Let's go.  Let's get this degree.  Let's see what life has for us next.  Let's finish this part of our lives we've been waiting so long to finish.